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Looking for the right database management app

I am trying to find a software package to use on a lone laptop (no Internet connection) to build a database management system. I am rusty on coding, so I want to:

  1. Create my database using a painter similar to SYBASE CENTRAL.
  2. Create my user's launch ICON, data input screens, pre-canned reports, procedure to print labels and then update database records to set flag = 'labels printed.'
  3. Write sub routines that can be called by report procedures.
  4. As I paint these interfaces, I want third or fourth generation code stored editable files which I could later browse, edit, modify, or embed other code.
  5. I like SQL.
  6. I like drag and drop painting.
  7. I am used to the old IBI FOCUS and DB2 and FOXBASE code generators.

    I cannot seem to find any one who knows what I am talking about. Everyone is talking about code generators for Web pages, which need browsers and are uneditable code.
    It sure sounds like you described Microsoft Access.

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