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Looking for tools like NTSDUTIL, but can't find on server

Find out how to locate tools such as NTSDUTIL, in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

I have a little test lab I am working with. While looking into some issues on Technet it says to use some tools like NTSDUTIL and others, but I can't find them on my server. What's up?

In Technet and even the Windows 2000 help there are references to a lot of tools especially command line AD tools that are not really a part of Windows 2000. These are all in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

There is a subset of the Windows 2000 Resource Kit on your Windows 2000 Server CD under a SUPPORT folder. You can install this and you will find most of the tools. The rest of the tools can be found on the full Windows 2000 Resource Kit, which you get from TechNet or buying the Windows 2000 Resource kit, of course.

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