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Lost files from guest account's My Documents folder

Hi, there. My problem is as follows:
  1. The user logged in as the "GUEST". The password is guest as well.
  2. Files were created and saved under "MY DOCUMENTS."
  3. While the machine was still on, we were able to see the files under "MY DOCUMENTS."
  4. The machine was shut down for the weekend.
  5. On starting up on Monday, no files were visible under "MY DOCUMENTS."
  6. I tried the same thing on another Windows 2000 machine and the same thing happened.

    Is it that files created under the user guest are not kept by the system? Any help will be greatly appreciated to recover these files.

Yes, everything within the user profile of the Guest account is discarded the moment you log out of that account. The guest account has a mandatory profile. The My Documents folder is just another folder element within the user profile. When you log out of the Guest account, all changes to the environment and all files stored within the user profiles folders are removed and restored back to their original state. If you want files from a Guest user to remain available after they log out, they must be stored in some other location outside of the user profile's folders.

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