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MCSE NT4.0 electives credited towards MCSE 2000 certification

Which of the MCSE NT4.0 Electives will pass through and be credited for the MCSE 2000 Certification?
The short answer to your question is "any exam that has not yet retired that also appears on the list of valid MCSE electives." A quick look at the electives page tells me this means the following exams still qualify: Exam 70-019: Designing and Implementing Data Warehouses With Microsoft(R) SQL Server 7.0 Exam 70-028: Administering Microsoft(R) SQL Server (TM) 7.0 Exam 70-029: Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft(R)SQL Server (TM) 7.0 Exam 70-056: Implementing and Supporting Web Sites Using Microsoft(R) Site Server 3.0 Exam 70-080: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft(R) Internet Explorer 5.0 by Using the Microsoft(R)Internet Explorer Administration Kit Exam 70-081: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft(R) Exchange Server 5.5 Exam 70-085: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft(R) SNA Server 4.0 Exam 70-086: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft(R) Systems Management Server 2.0 Exam 70-088: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft(R) Proxy Server 2.0 Of course, any of the 70-2xx Windows 2000 exams that appear on the electives page at http://www.microsoft.com/trainingandservices/default.asp?PageID=mcp&SubSite=cert/mcse&PageCall=nttracks&AnnMenu=mcse&PageExt=.txt#elective also count toward the Windows NT 4.0 MCSE, if you haven't yet finished that certification completely (but you must have completed any required exams that are now retired or you can no longer obtain that credential).

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