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MCSE and CCNA with Masters in Computer Science: What are my options in present market scenario?

I'm doing my Masters in Computer Science from Loyola University. I would like you to rate my chances of getting a job in the present market scenario. I'm looking for a job in the networking field, have passed my MCSE 2000 exams and I'm trying to clear off my CCNA exam also. Will this be sufficient to get a good job?
While networking is certainly an IT specialty that continues to experience growth -- consistently ranks in the top two in RHI Consulting's Hot Jobs Report -- today's job market is very tight.

The uncertain economic environment has companies adopting a more cautious approach to their staffing and taking longer to make hiring decisions. With unemployment levels rising, companies are finding that larger numbers of qualified candidates are available.

Companies are establishing very specific requirements for job candidates. Hiring managers are closely assessing the skills, experience and work history of prospective employees, and are less willing to hire someone who does not meet every requirement for a position.

Candidates who possess a combination of extensive hands-on experience, specialized technical knowledge and well-developed "soft skills" remain highly marketable to prospective employers, particularly if they can demonstrate a history of contribution to the company's bottom-line.

In addition to these factors, conditions in every city are different, so it's hard to comment directly on your situation. I do know that it's more critical than ever for today's job candidate to conduct a diligent job search that includes networking with friends and colleagues, and interviewing well with prospective employers. In particular, candidates must develop strong resumes and cover letters that convey their professional abilities.

Good luck!

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