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MCSE and MCP courses in London

What is the best training school in London for Linux MCSE and MCP? I'm currently studying for a BSC in Information Technology and Business Systems. Is it worth it to go for any of the above certification courses?

I'm unaware of any credential known as a "Linux MCSE." Therefore, I assume you're looking for information about Linux certification in general. To that end, I would point you at the following URLs, all of which should help you figure out the details of the "Big 3 Linux Certification Programs"--namely, Red Hat, the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), and the Sair Linux/GNU certification program. None of these companies or organizations has a terribly well elaborated European training infrastructure at present. However, your location in London argues that your difficulty in finding training opportunities should be as minimal as possible in the European market. Here again, you'll want to check these various Web sites to learn more about what kinds of training offerings may occur in the London metropolitan area from time to time. Failing a sufficiency of such offerings, I'd also suggest online training offerings which are less subject to location (but alas, also less effective than classroom training).

Here are the URLs you'll want to investigate further:

1. Red Hat Certified Engineer Program
Program overview: https://www.redhat.com/en/services/certification/rhce
Training locations: https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/locations-facilities
Online courses: http://www.redhat.com/training/elearning/
2. LPI Certifications/Training Partners
Program overview: http://www.lpi.org/c-index.html
International FAQ: http://www.lpi.org/international_faq.html
Mailing lists sign-up: http://www.lpi.org/listar/lsg2
3. Sair Linux/GNU Certifications/Training Partners
Program overview: http://www.linuxcertification.com/
Training locations: http://www.linuxcertification.com/trainers/

For general information on Linux related training offerings, go to www.linuxcare.com.

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