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MCSE or OCP? I can't decide. Can you help?

I am from Mumbai, India. I am already a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for WindowsNT 4.0 and now I have to get myself certified for Windows 2000. I am also preparing for the Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator track.

Should I upgrade my Microsoft Certification or try for a different level of certification? I feel OCP-DBA has an upper hand over MCSE 2000.
Without knowing your long-term career interests and goals, it's hard to recommend the MCSE over the OCP-DBA, or vice-versa. MCSEs have a bigger choice of lower-paying jobs, while OCP-DBAs have a smaller choice of higher- paying positions.

On the other hand, if you get both certifications it might enhance your chances of working in an organization where both platforms are in use. Frankly, though, if you must choose one or the other, your feelings about the primacy of OCP-DBA over MCSE should guide your future studies. Good luck!

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