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MIT or MCS? Which degree is best in the future?

In Pakistan, there are some universities that offer an MIT (master of information technology) degree. Its core track is mostly computer studies. Is this degree globally recognized? Which is better, MIT or MCS in the future?

The usual distinction between a Master of Computer Science and a Master of Information Technology is that the MCS is more theoretically oriented, and more aimed at those who pursue basic principles, practices, technologies and algorithms in computer science. On the other hand, the MIT is aimed at those who wish to apply information technology to business and workplace implementation and use. Thus, if you are more interested in researching and advancing the state of the art (more of a research and development position, or perhaps a teaching position) the MCS makes most sense. On the other hand, if you seek to be active as an IT professional in the business world, particularly if you want to develop, deploy, or maintain IT infrastructure in the workplace, the MIT makes more sense.

Neither credential is inherently better or worse than the other. However, the timeliness of the two is of interest. Although the knowledge bases for both fields turn over every 5 years or so, you will find that a MCS with its emphasis on theory and fundamental principles, will probably stand the test of time better than an MIT. Because the latter is founded on practical implementation, development, and deployment topics that tend to come and go more quickly than fundamental principles and algorithms.

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