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Mail delivery failure between internal users

I manage a Small Business Server with 10 users. Intermittently, mail does not get delivered from one user to another user inside the network. I enabled message tracking and it appears as though the message is delivered properly, but the recipient never gets it. I checked for any rules on the client and there are none. Any clues why the messages go into never-land?
Have you checked the views to see if perhaps the message is being hidden because of a view configuration? Also, have you tried opening the mailbox with a different mail client (e.g., Outlook Web Access) to see if the messages appear in that client?

Are you by chance running antispam or antivirus software that might be intercepting the message for some reason and deleting or quarantining it? If so, check the log/archive files for that software and see if the messages are present.

One other option would be to turn on diagnostic logging and then check the event logs for message and transport-related events.

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