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Mail server with IIS 5.0

I want to configure a mail server for my institute using IIS 5.0 and want to provide the facility to students to send and receive mails. How can achieve this task?
Unfortunately, you can't. IIS 5.0 doesn't have a full mail server. It does have an SMTP server, but SMTP is only useful for sending messages. SMTP cannot be used by a mail client such as Outlook to retrieve stored messages.

IIS 6.0, included with Windows Server 2003, does have a POP (Post Office Protocol) server that is capable of storing messages for mail clients, and would suit your needs perfectly. If you don't want to upgrade to Windows Server 2003 (or Microsoft Small Business Server 2003—even better), you will need to install mail server software. Microsoft Exchange Server (included with Small Business Server 2003) is one such mail server:

Exchange isn't cheap, but it's full-featured, and you can probably get an academic discount from Microsoft.

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