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Mailbox level backup using Ntbackup fails due to security rights

After having a complete nightmare with the installation of Exchange 2000, I have got it working, BUT when I try to carry out a mailbox level backup using NTbackup, it fails due to security rights. Do you have a definitive list of what access rights should be set to allow me to backup the mailboxes, etc.?
You won't be able to perform a mailbox level backup with NTBackup, which is the backup application included with Windows 2000. It can back up all databases, a single storage group or a single database; it cannot backup selective mailboxes.

So, if you are trying to back up at the mailbox level with NTBackup and can't, it's not a permissions problem. If you are using NTBackup and trying to back up a database or storage group and you are getting Access Denied, then this would indicate a permissions problem. Make sure the account under which you are running NTBackup has the appropriate permissions: Backup Operator or greater for Windows and Exchange Full Administrator for Exchange 2000.

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