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Mailbox store mounting problems

I am a beginner in the Exchange administration field, and I am trying to set up Exchange Server 2000 in my private network. I have created a mailbox store under the default first storage group and set all the properties. But that mailbox still has a red arrow facing down and it is not mounting. The error message appearing is: "The MS Exchange information store is not available." I tried to install Exchange SP3, but the problem still will not resolve. What can I do to solve this?
Has this store ever mounted? If not you may have a replication issue in your environment. Otherwise, un-mountable mailbox stores are typically due to insufficient available disk space or, less frequently, inconsistent database files.

The first thing I would recommend would be to check the properties (right-click on the mailbox store object in Exchange System Manager and verify the database path location. Is it where you expect/want the database files to be?And, is there actually enough free space in the volume?

On the same topic, if you have been running tests (MS Loadsim initializations or runs, for example) you may have run out of space on your logs volume. This situation will also result in a dismount of all mailbox stores within an Exchange storage group.

With regard to transaction logs, check the space available for the path specified under the "General" tab of the properties of the storage group ("default first storage group"). In a non-production environment, the stores are generally not backed up. Thus, the transaction logs are not truncated and fill the available space on the volume. If you find your logs volume is out of space, you can enable circular logging (not recommended for a production mailbox environment), or run a backup of Exchange, which will truncate the logs and should then permit you to mount the store.

If there is enough free space in database and logs volumes, retry the store mount and then take a look at the Exchange server's application and system event logs for any errors/warnings around the time you retried the mount for troubleshooting hints.

Next, I would suggest checking the store database for consistency, as a torn or otherwise broken database will cause mount problems.

Microsoft has a utility for this verification. More information about what this utility does and how to run it is available here.

If you're still having problems, please let me know and we can dive a bit deeper into your environment.

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