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Mailbox viewing problems after migrating to Exchange 2007

If recently created mailboxes are not displayed in the GAL after a migration to Exchange 2007, Active Directory (AD) has yet to replicate the information.

I have a user who migrated from Exchange Server 2003 to a new Exchange 2007 server. Each time he creates a new Exchange Server mailbox, it does not display immediately. Also, when he deletes the mailbox of an old employee, the mailbox still appears in the list. He believes that he must reinstall Exchange Server 2007 to solve this problem. Is there another option?
For newly created Exchange mailboxes, you have to wait for Active Directory (AD) to replicate the information. If the users are offline, they may need to wait for the new offline address book to be created. Once that is created and downloaded, the user should show up in the Global Address Book (GAL). This can be scheduled to run several times a day to help mitigate the issue.

This is likely the same issue with the users not disappearing from the GAL. To test this, look the user up in Online mode with Microsoft Outlook or with Outlook Web Access (OWA). The results should be noticed within minutes.

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