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Managing two locations on a single network

We're a rather small firm located in two cities but with one network. We have two IT-departments and two server-rooms. In each city we have a Domain Controller: DC A and DC B. Because we have one network, DC A & B are linked and synchronized. Now I'm setting up some group policies. I'm at loction B and my group policy should only apply on the location B-users (which is still no problem because in the active directory we have put everything neatly in seperate folders). But at the group-policy dialog, right above the 'new, add, edit...' buttons there is a small line, 'list obtained from DC A'). This implies that all group policies are physically located on location A which implies that when we set up our GP, this would decrease performance. DC B would have to check on DC A for updates every time and the connection between our two locations wouldn't be as fast as it could be. Is there any way to change the GP-location for our GPs? Both GP A and B are Windows 2000 servers by the way.
When you create GPOs, they are automatically created on the PDC-Emulator, then replicated out to all Domain Controllers. When users or computers log on they will download the GPOs from the closest Domain Controller based on Active Directory site topology. Therefore, if you just have one domain (and it sounds like you do), and a Domain Controller in each city, then you don't have to do anything special to ensure that GPOs download as fast as possible (other than setting up Active Directory sites.)

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