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Mapped drive that won't drop

I have a Windows 2000 Server (SP3) machine that has a mapped drive that shows up in My Computer with a red X through it. The problem is when you try to drop the drive, it indicates it does not exist.

When you do a "net use" on the command line, the drive does not appear in the list. When you try to drop the drive in My Computer by right clicking on the drive and selecting "Disconnect," it says it is not connected. When you try to drop the drive on the command line with net use /d v: it says the drive is not connected. You can access the drive and see the files so the drive is connected.

We tried to reboot the machine to see if the problem went away, but the drive remains. I have no idea why the drive shows up in My Computer and you can access the drive but cannot drop it. Is there a way to force a drop of this mapped drive?

A number of these issues were fixed in Service Pack 4. I would start by updating your server and see if that resolves the issue or reviewing the SP4 documentation and installing the appropriate hotfixes.

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