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Mapping home folders in Windows Server 2003

I am running Windows 2003. I have set up a folder share called users for the users' home directory. I set the users' account profile as follows: \serverusers%username% and mapped to drive "Z." This is what I have done in the past with Windows NT and Windows 2000.

What was nice about Windows 2000 was that when a user logged onto his computer, he would have access to drive "Z" and see the contents of his folder only. No user would be aware of anybody else's folders.

Now, in Windows 2003, like in NT, the users can see drive "Z," but when they open it, they will see everybody's folder. They don't have access to other people's folder because of the NTFS permissions that were set. However, it is very time consuming for users to look through a long list of folders to find their work.

What can I do to set up Windows 2003 server like the Windows 2000 server environment? Or did I do something wrong?

The functionality should work exactly the same. Double check your path name and make sure it says "\\server\dir\%username%". You can also check this by retyping in the path for a specific user account and testing it. If you set this correctly on, say, account bobsmith, the home directory should be the contents of the \user\bobsmith on the server.

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