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Memory leaks causing system to go belly up every six days

What do you know about memory leaks? I'm running Windows 2000 server and the system goes belly up every six days. The most prevalent error in the System event log is 2019. Basically, the RAM gets used up and the system becomes unresponsive. I can't even log in as Administrator. The only way to correct the problems is to turn off the server. As a temporary fix, I have a program called Shutdown that runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. This is so my Monday isn't started with having to shut down the server. The server is a Dell 1500SC. So far, Dell has been of no help. They asked me to run a diagnostic that reports the system state and e-mail them the results. That was two weeks ago and I haven't heard from them as of yet. This server acts as a file server so the only apps that run on it are Veritas backup and McAfee Total Virus Defense suite. It uses an Intel NIC for which I have updated the drivers several times. Oh, and it's running the latest service pack. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can determine and fix this situation?
Memory leaks are caused by a multitude of problems ranging from the operating system itself, to third party software and drivers, and in some cases, specific combinations of applications. As a stop gap measure, you may want to try using an automated memory recovery application such as MemTurbo ( www.memturbo.com) This application will automatically recover RAM at predetermined alarm levels, or periods of time and works well on Windows 2000 Server. For additional information on troubleshooting memory leaks, check out the resources at http://labmice.techtarget.com/troubleshooting/memoryleaks.htm

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