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Message date and send times showing incorrectly in Outlook and OWA

After an IMAP migration, users' mailboxes are showing messages with the wrong date and time. Find out why this may be happening and how to remedy it.

After a recent IMAP migration, several users' mailboxes in Exchange have a large number of messages with the wrong date and time in the list view.

The actual messages have the right date and time in the headers, but are being displayed in Outlook and OWA with...

the import date. Is there a way to "re-index" a user's mailbox after the import?

It sounds like you're looking at two dates, the Last Modified date in Outlook/OWA and the Received Date in the headers. Unfortunately, there is no way to re-index these dates using native tools. However, you may be able to fix this through repeating the migration, depending on which migration tool you're using -- but you'd have to contact the your vendor.

To understand exactly what's happening, I'd suggest using the Field Chooser in Outlook to display more of the Date/Time fields, specifically Received, Sent and Modified, to determine exactly which fields are showing correctly and which aren't. You can then use Outlook views to show the appropriate field as a stop-gap measure.

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