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Microsoft Outlook 2003 and OWA email archiving options

Is it possible to enable email archiving in Microsoft Outlook 2003 and OWA? Our Exchange and Outlook archiving expert offers two options.

We are migrating from hosted email to an in-house Exchange server. I know you can't archive email through Outlook Web Access (OWA), but is there a way to pair the Exchange server with Microsoft Outlook 2003 on the client end to enable email archiving? Can you create a .PST file on the Exchange server that the user can access through OWA?
Microsoft recommends against .PSTs stored on remote machines. In fact, this is unsupported, as explained in Microsoft Knowledge Base article " Personal folder files are unsupported over a LAN or over a WAN link."

You have two options:

  1. Use the Archive option within Microsoft Outlook (which isn't a corporately manageable option)
  2. Deploy a third-party email archiving solution such as: Symantec, Quest, HP, Zantaz, Mimosa, ZipLip, etc.

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