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Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes calendar interoperability

Get advice on synchronizing calendar data between Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes users in a mixed mode organization.

We are a company with multiple divisions. Some divisions use Lotus Notes and Domino and others use Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server 2003. Our main problem is calendars interoperability. With multiple people from each division working on global projects, how can we view each others calendars? And how do time zones work into this picture?
You will need a third-party utility in order to enable synchronization of calendar data across the two platforms. Search on Google for "Exchange Notes calendar synchronization." Assuming all time zones are set correctly on each server operating system, the synchronization utility should recognize the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) offset for each appointment and synchronize accordingly, so that users in any time zone view the appointment correctly. Obviously you will want to test whatever solutions you evaluate very carefully in a lab to ensure they perform as advertised and meet your requirements.

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