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Microsoft Outlook contacts disappearing from contacts folder

SearchExchange expert Bradley Dinerman helps to troubleshoot disappearing user contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

I am running Exchange Server 2003 SP2 on Windows Small Business Server 2003. Clients connect with Windows XP Pro SP2 and Microsoft Outlook 2003 SP2. After recently reinstalling the SBS software onto the current server (the previous server died) and importing the user mailboxes and data, user contacts have been disappearing. I can create a new contact but it disappears from the contacts folder after about 60 seconds. The only difference between the server configurations is the current Exchange Server is SP2 and the previous was Exchange Server SP1. Any help would be appreciated.
This may be due to a synchronization issue. Are your users synchronizing data with devices at all? If so, try disabling this to see if it fixes the problem. Also, verify that your antivirus scanner is not actively scanning the Exchange Server databases. Verify this for scheduled, manual and real-time scans, and your problem may be solved. If not, then respond back here and we'll follow-up to your problem.

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