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Migrate Exchange Server mailbox data to a .PST file

Discover how to migrate Exchange Server mailbox data to a .PST file using either Microsoft Outlook's built-in Export feature or the ExMerge utility.

I have a client that wants to downgrade from Windows Small Business Server (SBS) to Exchange Server. However, they would also like to keep users' email local, using Microsoft Outlook 2003 on Windows XP clients.

How do I migrate employees' email and other public folder data off of the Exchange server and attach the email and data directly to their Outlook accounts?

There are different ways to extract data from an Exchange mailbox and put it into a .PST file; which can then be attached directly to an Outlook profile. For just a few mailboxes, you might want to use Outlook's built-in Export feature. Run through the wizard to export the data into a .PST file.

Optionally, you can use the ExMerge utility included with Exchange Server, although this requires some knowledge of Exchange permissions. ExMerge will allow you to extract all the messages in one action from the server itself.

Once you've moved mail into a .PST file for a given user, create a new Outlook profile and select the .PST as the delivery location.

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