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Migrate Novell 3.2 network across to W2k

I am looking to migrate my Novell 3.2 network across to W2k. What would be the easiest migration path? I will also need to retain one of my existing Novell servers to run a bespoke application and link in a Unix based server.

Well to start, you may want to look at a few white papers such as:

-NetWare to Windows 2000 Server Migration Planning Guide, which can be found on TechNet.

-Knowledge Base Article Q274279, which can be found on www.microsoft.com. The Q274279 will have links to several other articles regarding the migration of Novell to Windows 2000.

There is a lot to do and too much to mention here. After browsing the articles, if you have more specific questions please post them here or in the searchWin2000 Discussion Forum.

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