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Migrating an NT4 DNS server and Exchange server to Win2k

I am planning to migrate two NT servers (the DNS server and the Exchange server) to Windows 2000. I am trying to draft a "to do" list. Since I have an extra box sitting there doing nothing, I am actually thinking of just installing Windows 2000 on it and importing the user info and other data on the Exchange server. But what do I do with the DNS? I have never done this before -- please help!
It is possible to upgrade a Windows NT 4.0 to a Windows 2000 DNS server. In fact, you should do it first. Once thing that you didn't mention was the domain controllers. Whichever system is the PDC will need to be upgraded first. If both of the systems mentioned are domain controllers (DCs), make the DNS server the primary. Upgrade the server to Windows 2000 with AD and then work on the Exchange migration.

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