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Migrating from multiple domains to a single domain

We're migrating to Win2000. Our current network consists of three domains, as follows:
  1. NOC Domain = Win2kSP3/Anti-virus server-Symantec Enterprise 7.5
  2. Redmond Domain = NT4/SQL Server (7.0SP4) & File Server
  3. ANP Domain = NT4/Exchange Server (5.5SP4)

No BDCs.

We need to consolidate the three domains into one (inside LAN) = ANP.CORP//. Our outside LAN is ANP.NET.

I just started with this company of 17 employees. The previous admin liked to create domains. What would be your strategy for migrating to one domain?

You really have two choices: consolidate the domains before or consolidate them after.

Doing the domains after will result in you needing some extra hardware and doing more upgrades and them migrating objects afterward. However, it potentially would be less disruptive. But you don't appear to have a lot of systems or users to worry about, so this would not be my first choice.

If you do it ahead of time, you will need to do some planning and make sure you don't disrupt the users too much. Generally, this means some off-hours work for you. I would think offhand that the ANP domain would be the one that you would migrate everyone into. It has the Exchange implementation and is most likely connected clearly to registered Internet Names. Since you do not appear to have too many servers, this is most likely the best way to go.

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