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Migrating multiple locations from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003

SearchExchange.com expert Peter terSteeg helps an administrator figure out the best approach to moving multiple locations from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003.

We are using Exchange 5.5 and have five remote locations. We are planning to upgrade to Exchange 2003. We have 400 users. What hardware configurations do we need? We are going to have one server hosting the users. They will use Web client and others will use the Microsoft Outlook client. What is the best migration path?
Many factors need to be considered when determining a migration path. It sounds like you want to accomplish some site consolidation, and utilize the new Outlook Web Access features as a client replacement.

Inter-organization migrations may provide the path to the minimum hardware to accomplish your migration. In an inter-organization migration, you would leave the existing infrastructure in place and build a new infrastructure. Then, you will link the two infrastructures (source and target) together and migrate people from the source environment into the target environment.

Native tools from Microsoft can assist you, but they only go so far in providing a true coexistence between source and target environments. Third-party vendors also participate in this space. You can find many useful options by Googling a phrase like, "interorg migration Exchange 5.5."

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