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Migrating the Exchange server to a new domain

I have been tasked with migrating our W2K domain (native mode) to a new W2K3 domain. This new domain will be a child domain in a different tree. Our Exchange server is running 5.5 (SP4) on NT 4.0 (SP6). We will not upgrade the Exchange server because of my parent company's e-mail consolidation plan scheduled for next year. Is it possible to migrate the Exchange server to the new domain? What happens to the NT AccountMailbox associations? If it is possible, how do I go about accomplishing this task?
You could do a partial migration of the environment and achieve your goals, but you would be at risk.

You could migrate the accounts from NT to AD, and the combination of Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) and Active Directory Connector (ADC) Tools would allow you to change the login accounts to the new AD Domain while maintaining the permissions to access the old Exchange 5.5 server. It is also possible to physically run Exchange 5.5 on a Windows 2000 Member Server, though not on Windows 2003.

As a reader of this column you already know that support for NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.5 will end at the end of 2004, and that the real concern will be lack of security fixes. You may want to migrate your users to AD and Exchange 2003 now, and face the integration challenge when the parent company is ready. New Site and Server Consolidation Tools in Service Pack 1 that will make that step easier will be announced in late May at TechEd.

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