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Migrating to a Windows 2003 license server

In our current network configuration, we have a Windows 2000 Server as our PDC. This box handles most file-sharing, along with our Active Directory and Terminal Services Sessions at a maximum of 16 concurrent users. In a few weeks we will be setting up 12 more users with ThinClient Devices that will run from a new server (Windows 2003 server) that we want to designate strictly for Terminal Services. We are hoping to use this new server as our TS license server. Since our current TS server is our license server, are there any issues that will arise with using our new Windows 2003 Server as our only license server? Are these TS CAls transferable to a different license server if we no longer use the old server as a license server?
I think what you're asking is whether you can transfer the TSCALs from a Windows 2000 Terminal Server license server to one running Windows 2003 Terminal Services (and also acting as the license server). The TSCALs aren't really transferable because you need to upgrade them to use with Windows 2003 Terminal Services--the two versions use different licensing models. You'll need to contact Microsoft to upgrade the licenses. The only issue that might arise is that making the license server a member server instead of domain controller means that Terminal Servers outside the domain can't see it unless you point to it specifically, but I'm guessing that this won't present a problem for you.

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