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Mixed mode enterprise with single-domain called TWC_NETOPS; AD won't install with that name space

p>Here's the deal. We are essentially a one-domain enterprise and could be the perfect candidate for an in-place upgrade starting with my Primary Domain Controller (PDC) running in mixed mode then progressing to encompass the Backup Domain Controllers (BDC). The problem I have is my domain name. The previous admin named the domain TWC_NETOPS. But for that fact, life would be wonderful. Even if I could do an alias with the Unix DNS servers, I would guess that the srv records and other info wouldn't be registered. I doubt that W2K would even install AD with that name space.

That being said I believe I need to do a domain migration to a brand new name space. Is it possible to do a clean install of W2K adv. server, install AD, DDNS, etc. as the root of a brand new tree (no 4.0 compatibility required) and bring it up in mixed mode? If so, could I then build some 4.0 BDC and enter them into the tree... or do I build a new 4.0 domain complete with BDCs, upgrade it's PDC, then bring over my users and groups and member servers of the TWC_NETOPS domain?

Could I then hope to write a script changing the workstations domain membership and have them be part of the new W2K mixed-mode domain? Or do I create the new NT domain and bring everything over as 4.0 then do my upgrade on the PDC? The NT resources that are affected by this include PeopleSoft accounting and HR, our entire revenue stream for ad sales, etc. Any pointer, hints, suggestions, job referrals in the event it doesn't work.

Melissa Bader, Sr. Network Operating Specialist

p>Hey in a way you're lucky. One of my old domain admins put a period in the domain name - no hope there. Anyway, I would think you should follow the plan:

Build a Windows 2000 server as a Domain Controller. The default setting for Windows 2000 DCs is Mixed-Mode, so you will already have the support you need for the Windows NT 4.0 servers.

Test to make sure that it is fully operational. Make sure you test DNS, access to internal machines, access to Internet, and user account creation.

You will most likely need to establish a manual trust between this new domain and the existing NT 4.0 domain (use the Active Directory Domain and Trusts Snap-in).

Then start migrating the user accounts and machine accounts over to the new domain.

As you are able, decommission the old backup domain controllers (BDCs) and rebuild them from scratch as Win2k DCs adding them into the new domain.

Once all of the machines are Win2k, convert the AD to Native Mode.

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