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Mobile options for the Windows 2003 platform

Expert Peter terSteeg discusses mobile solution options for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platform.

My company is currently running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. We're planning to upgrade to Windows Server 2003. I know Windows 2003 servers offer Outlook Mobile Access features -- which we're planning to implement. Do you think this is feasible, or do you have any suggestions on any other mobility applications?
Outlook Mobile Access or OMA is the Microsoft option to BlackBerry devices. In addition to OMA, there is another phrase heard most often when describing Microsoft provided mobile technology: Pocket Outlook, Exchange Server ActiveSync. ActiveSync is a free download from the Microsoft Web site

Now let's compare the Windows Mobile Products:

  • Pocket PC: Data-centric device- touch screen and stylus, integrated qwerty, applications platform

  • Smart phone: Phone-centric device -- one-handed navigation, keypad, applications platform

The synchronization methods of the Microsoft mobile solutions are: manual, always-up-to-date (AUTD), mobile schedule or desktop synchronization only.

BlackBerry is a brand name, the same way people say Xerox for copies and Kleenex for facial tissue. Many times, people ask for a BlackBerry because of what it means. Do I believe Microsoft has feasible mobile products -- of course. Look into the various options to deploy a mobile solution, and I believe you will find solution and supportable options through the Windows Mobile platform.

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