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Modem properties "Not Functional"

I have been running Win2k for several weeks now (almost a month), and I find it very stable. However, I am facing a very strange problem related to my modem (A ThunderCom Sigma-SII V.90 Modem). Previously, I was able to use this modem to connect to the Internet. Everything was perfect until yesterday when I was downloading a file from the Internet. I was also trying to watch a VCD using PowerDVD on Win2k. The moment the CD-Rom drive was read, the whole PC suddenly rebooted. Win2k booted up fine but when I checked my modem properties, it said "Not Functional" on the right hand column. The modem was turned on the whole time. I even shutdown my PC and then powered it up with the modem turned on, but it still says "Not Functional." Reinstalling the drivers did not seem to work as well. I even tried removing the current drivers and then reinstalling them to no avail. I also tried installing a standard modem driver as well but it does not work. Is there anyway to fix this besides doing a reinstall? I am currently dual-booting WinMe and Win2k. In WinMe, the modem works flawlessly.

I am afraid I cannot come up with a slick solution for you. It seems fairly certain that you corrupted either a file, a Registry entry for TAPI, or the modem interface. I am interested in what happens if you put a plug-and-play external modem on the serial port and restart. If this modem also fails to work, then you may be stuck doing a reinstall.

You might want to try the Last Known Good Configuration option to recover a previous Control Set. Press F8 at boot time and select the option. This would restore portions of the previous SYSTEM hive in the Registry. If you corrupted the Registry, then this might do the trick.

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