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Monitor and search Exchange mailboxes for music and video files

Discover Microsoft Exchange tools that will monitor and search mailboxes for users' music and video files that are housed in the your Exchange Server system.

What tool would you recommend for monitoring and searching Exchange mailboxes? I would like to target large files typically associated with email attachments. Eventually, we would like to get into forensics (e.g., finding out who let the "cat out of the bag" in terms of corporate information), but for now we just want to be able to find the users who warehouse music and video in our Exchange Server system.
For the time being, until you have a better handle on specific requirements, I would suggest you take a look at the free ExMerge utility from Microsoft.

Development has stopped on the ExMerge tool with the release of Exchange Server 2007. Exchange 2007 includes the Export-Mailbox cmdlet, which is very powerful and replaces much of what ExMerge did for previous versions of Exchange Server. In the meantime, the ExMerge utility should be good for your purposes.

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