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Monitoring mailbox security and delegation permissions

Learn about third-party tools that provide Exchange Server reporting on mailbox security and delegation permissions.

Step 6 of your Email compliance to-do list establishes controls for Exchange Server mailbox security and delegation. Can you please provide any products or scripts that answer your questions regarding who has access to Johnny's mailbox and whose mailbox does Johnny have access to?
What you need to do is find a tool that reports on:

  • Security set on the mailbox object in Active Directory.
  • Delegation set at the mailbox level.
  • Security set on a per folder basis inside each particular mailbox.

Third-party tools that provide reporting on mailbox security and delegation include Quest MessageStats and NetIQ AppAnalyzer. Searching for "Exchange reporting" in your favorite Internet search engine should provide you with a list of other third-party reporting tools that provide similar functionality.

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