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Mouse icon refreshes every three seconds over My Computer window

I have a complete Windows 2000 environment running DHCP and Active Directory (using group policies to assign drives through a BAT file). When My Computer is open and the folders are shown on the left, a machine's mouse icon will refresh every three seconds when it's over the My Computer window. It makes it navigation hard. This might last for two days to a week and then another computer will get this symptom. I have researched this and asked, but no one has been able to help. Just wondering if you have seen this and what possible solution I could take.
This could be caused by any number of issues, but the angel on my right shoulder is telling me you may have a network traffic issue. Use a network sniffer to determine if you have a "chatty" NIC card that might be flooding your network with traffic, which might cause the intermittent performance issues that you're describing.

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