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Moving Exchange public folders to another server in the same domain

Learn how to migrate Exchange public folders from one server to another, and find out more about the Exchange public folder replication process.

I will be upgrading our existing Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition server to new hardware. The server currently holds multiple storage groups and several mailbox stores. Also, additional public folders were created for the second storage group. How do I move the Exchange public folders between the servers within the same domain? Can I use the PFMIGRATE tool to accomplish this?
Microsoft provides some keen insight on replicating public folders from one Exchange server to another in the article " Moving an Exchange mailbox database to another server or storage group." Please pay special attention to the subsection entitled "Creating and replicating public folder databases."

For more information on replicating public folder content between Exchange servers, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

Yes, the PFMIGRATE tool can move Exchange public folders between servers. Brien Posey discusses this option in his tip, "Migrating public folders to Exchange 2003."

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