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Moving a WINS database from an NT box to a Win2k server

Hello Jerry. We are currently working on a problem of attempting to convert a NT 4.0 WINS database to Windows 2000 Server. I have a freshly installed Windows 20000 Server. I stop WINS on the NT box, copy over the WINS.MDB and start WINS on the W2K box. The conversion begins, however, it ultimately fails, due to an error "FFFFFDDA." What's that all about? It suggests I run the ESENTUTL.EXE (actually the error refers to an older version of the utility).

Anyway, I run the utility above and it fusses about a missing .DLL that is needed for conversion. What DLL is the utility referring to? I have also copied the complete WINS directory (.log and .pat) files to the new W2K box along with WINS.MDB. However, I receive the same results. Keep in mind we want to move WINS to a new W2K server, not just upgrade the existing NT box. The NT 4 box is also supporting DHCP and a secondary DNS Zone (Bind 4.xx). Thanks in advance, Jerry!!

See Q215392.

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