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Moving local account's profile to the domain account's profile

Can you rename a profile in order to capture all settings, registry and everything? I have a user on a local machine, and have added her to the domain. This has created a user.EMEA profile. Can I rename that to the users name and have her account created like that?
I believe what you asking is how do you get the local account's profile moved to the domain accounts profile. This can be done by using the copy profile. This is slyly hidden under My Computer. You start by right-clicking My Computer and selecting properties. Then, you click on User Profiles tab. You then select the user's local profile and click copy. You browse through to the C:Documents and Settings (or C:WinntProfiles if you upgraded the workstation from NT.) You will need to be logged on to the machine as an administrator in order to perform this action.

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