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Moving mailboxes and configs to a new server

Situation: A client has Exchange 5.5. They have 2 exchange servers, one old generic PC and one new Dell 2450 with 2 Processors, 1GB, 2HD, RAID 1. They want to physically remove the old one, which has been used for back-up overflow. All the mailboxes need to be moved off the old server and come up on the new server with the mailboxes already on the new server left intact. In addition, the configurations of the old ones need to be preserved. Currently, they are on 5.5 Exchange running a 2000 server. Both servers are Exchange 5.5.

How big of a pain in the xxx is this project? Is it a easy thing to do or a multi-day nightmare?
Unfortunately, based on the information you provided it is impossible to say how long this will take. For example, I don't know how many mailboxes need to be moved, the size of the mailboxes to be moved, or the speed of the network over which the data will be moved.

Generally speaking, though, moving mailboxes from one Exchange 5.5 server to another is a fairly easy task. Note, though, that if the old Exchange server was the first server in the site, you'll want to follow the procedures here before you remove it.

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