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Moving mailboxes in Active Directory

We need to move several hundred mailbox enabled users between two Active Directory (AD) domains within the same AD forest. Are there any elegant solutions for this without exporting to PST files?
If the Exchange Organization is in Native Mode, you can Move Mailboxes across Administrative Groups and between AD Domains. I am guessing that is not possible by the way you asked the question. If possible, make the change to Native Mode and use Move Mailbox to make the easiest move (AD 2003 and Exchange 2003 have some really nice enhancements to Move Mailbox). The second option is to use ExMerge. However, that is the one that would have you exporting to PSTs as an interim step. The next choice is to use an old friend, the Exchange Migration Wizard. Since the first version of Exchange, this Migration Wizard has been able to migrate between different e-mail systems, and it can migrate between different Exchange organizations or administrative groups. The Migration Wizard can work in either a 2-step or a 1-step process. The 2-step involved interim files (that were different than PST's). However, the 1-step allows you to move directly from one Exchange server to another provided you have good connectivity to both. Check it out. You will find it on the Exchange CD. There are also third-party migration tools that can help solve this problem.

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