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My Windows Search is not working correctly

My Windows Search is not working correctly. My OS is W2K Pro, SP1, IE6, and indexing is set to off. When I try to search in Files/Folders for certain letters, "a, ab,af (others)" and I have the search set for "my computer" or looking at "all hard drives," the search only looks at C: or C:WINNT. The info comes up immediately, as if indexing has been on or is cached somewhere.

If I search for "ad[obe]," all drives are looked at. If I search of "ac[robat]," it's only the C drive & usually, as I mentioned the WINNT folder that is shown.

If I do the "acrobat" search, specifying a drive, other than C, then it does a proper search. (Sounds like a registry problem or an indexing cache being held when it's not supposed to be?) Any ideas how to restore the Search function so it will look at all the HDDs, when I ask for a full search (without having to reinstall)?
There is a disk-indexing service that should be turned off, but it is usually used for full-text indexing and it is turned off by default anyway. I'm not too clear on why you are using such odd terminology in your search terms, though -- I believe that may be prejudicing the results, which explains why searching for "acrobat" (simple ASCII, rather than the URL-encoded terms you were using earlier) works fine.

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My aol is non responsive and my internet explorer is as well.
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