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NDIS specification information for a MAC

I am having a problem with NDIS specification. I will use Ethernet (10 Mbps) and TCP over MAC but I need to use MAC directly. I will read books about networking, MSDN and other documents about networks and protocols. However, I cannot find documentation about NDIS (for NT, 2000 or 9x) or other ways to solve this problem. Did you know how to send and read Ethernet data directly (or use minimal control of OS)?

There are two places you can find good coverage of NDIS.

1. Visit the Microsoft Developer's Network Web site and search on NDIS or "NDIS documentation."

2. Addison-Wesley has some great books on writing Windows drivers. You should also find ample coverage of NDIS in there.

If these two suggestions don't produce the desired results, I suggest you e-mail Microsoft's Developer's Network and ask them if they can sell or otherwise provide such documentation for you. If it weren't available, third-party companies wouldn't be able to create drivers for their network interfaces.

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