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NT binary domain controller vs. member server for Exchange 5.5 in mixed mode

SearchExchange.com expert Peter terSteeg discusses whether you need to run Exchange 5.5 on an NT binary domain controller or NT member server when it's living in an Exchange 2003 mixed mode environment.

We have just upgraded to Active Directory 2003 from an NT domain. It is in Windows 2000 mixed mode. We have Exchange 5.5 installed on an NT4 binary domain controller. We now want to migrate to Exchange 2003. Do we need to move Exchange 5.5 to an NT member server first?
Have you already migrated your user accounts? Have you re-permissioned your primary NT accounts associated with the Exchange 5.5 server? If so, I think the question you are asking relates to modifying the service account associated with Exchange 5.5.

There is a good article available from Microsoft on changing this to another account, How to change the service account. As for binary domain controller vs. member server, some third-party companies provide utilities to demote binary domain controllers into member servers.

It really shouldn't matter if Exchange 5.5 is running on a binary domain controller or a member server -- unless you are trying to beat the end of life support coming shortly for NT.

Once you complete your Exchange 2003 migration, you will decommission the old Exchange 5.5 servers, and undoubtedly that would include your binary domain controller loaded as the underlying operating system.

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