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NT utilization hits 90 percent

I had a web server running on IIS4.0 on my NT BDC server. At times, my NT utilization will hit a high level of 90 percent and that will cause my services to stop functioning.

Is there anyway to stop or prevent it from hitting this high level. Or is it my web server and ASP code causing this on going problem.

It's probably your ASP code. To make sure, use the Performance administrative utility and log the processor utilization of the different processes. If it's the inetpub process that is spiking, you know it's the Web services that are causing the problem.

Identifying the problem is the simple part. Narrowing it down to a single line of code is very difficult. There are many resources at Microsoft.com and other places on the Web that can assist you with this process so I will not go into details here. This page attempts to provide a process for resolving these problems but involves engaging Microsoft support:


In the meantime, consider upgrading to Windows 2000/IIS 5 and running your ASP code out-of-process.

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