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NT4 workstations won't connect to second IP address

We have a Windows 2000 server with one NIC and have added a second IP to that NIC to enable us to add another DNS name to the server. (The goal is to assign DNS names to each application residing on the server, which will enable us to move the application to another server without having to update client-side executables.) However, we are unable to get NT4 workstations to connect to the second IP or get DNS assigned to this second IP. They will connect to the first IP and DNS to that IP. In testing, we were unable to get an NT workstation to connect at all when we had both DNS names going to the single IP, before adding another IP to the NIC. What can we do to fix this, and be able to achieve our goal stated above? Thanks!
Use the ROUTE PRINT command on the machine in question to make sure that the second IP address has a way to get to the rest of the network. If not, you may need to manually create a route between the second IP address and its default gateway, for example. For that matter, make sure that the second IP address has all gateway and DNS server information configured, as it will not automatically grab this information from the first IP address.

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