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NTbackup problems

We have Small Business Server 2000 including Exchange 2000. We use NTbackup to backup First Storage Group, System state and data. It has been fine for months. But now, every day the backup log is empty. NTbackup is still showing as a process and has to be killed, at which point we have ESE event information ID 222 then error ID 215.

I can run an NTbackup of First Storage Group on its own and it's fine. I can run an NTbackup of the Data on its own and it's fine. Then I can run both together and it's fine. But when both are then left to run on the overnight schedule it doesn't work.

This issue can occur because of hardware-related issues on the Exchange server, or because of issues with the third-party applications that are installed on the Exchange server. In certain database operations, including, but not limited to, an online backup, the backup routine makes a call to Windows to read a 4-KB page of data from the database on disk and write the data to tape. Before the online backup process writes the data that is returned from the Windows call to the tape, the online backup process compares the checksum value in the page header (recorded when this page was written to disk) to that being returned from the READ call.

If the checksum values do not match, the Exchange database engine detects this and returns error 613. When error 613 occurs, events 222 and 215 (along with other related events) will be logged in the Application event log.

Error 613 translates to JET_errSLVReadVerifyFailure (checksum error in SLV file during backup). JET_errSLVReadVerifyFailure is similar to a more common error (1018 - JET_errReadVerifyFailure). Exchange 2000 logs error 613 for checksum errors on the .stm database file and logs error 1018 for checksum errors on the .edb database file.

For additional information about the underlying cause of these errors, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 314917. For more information on this issue, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 318429.

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