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Necessary skills for Web-related technical jobs

I've been thinking recently of a career shift from my present position as a Tech Analyst to a position in the Web area. What apps should I become proficient in? Since there are several tools that write about 90% of HTML, do I really need to know that much HTML, or should I move right into DHTML/XML? Are there a lot of entry-level positions in this field? Where's the best place to look? Do certifications help?

Internet skills are definitely still a hot area of expertise. In RHI Consulting's biannual Hot Jobs Report -- which gauges the IT specialties most in demand by CIOs -- Internet/intranet development is consistently near the top.

Most web-related entry-level positions require in-depth knowledge of HTML. Even though HTML is becoming more automated, as you suggest, before you start developing with Java you?re going to need to be familiar with the basics. When you are ready to move onto other more advanced web technologies, you should consider Java, Javascript, XML and Cold Fusion.

Once you've developed a solid skill set and are ready to test the job market, there are several venues to seek employment. The IT-specific job boards/career sites are very helpful and offer additional career resources. IT staffing firms also offer a myriad of career resources and have well-developed relationships with employers across the country.

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