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Need help moving a large amount of data from one server to another

We are consolidating servers and need to move a large amount of data from one server to another. We tried Robo Copy but it seems to be slow. Is there another tool we could use?
The first thing to do in a case like this is determine if there are one or more bottlenecks between the servers. For instance, if you're performing the copying across a network link, something like this should be done with 100 megabit or 1 gigabit Ethernet, full duplex, and with as little intervening hardware as possible (i.e., via a crossover cable). The program performing the copying may not be the real issue. Another option, rather than using file-level copying, would be to image the data to be moved to tape or CD/DVD and copy it that way. CD/DVD may be the fastest in terms of raw copying speed, actually.

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