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Need help restoring publicly-accessible computers

I manage a very busy training room within an education setting. I have teachers and consultants who tend to save resources that they have created to the desktop. Over a period of let's say a month, our training desktops become very busy, which basically means that I have to periodically delete them manually to improve each workstation's performance. Can you suggest a way that would prevent our training user-profile to delete changes to the desktop once the user logs off?
One solution involves a third-party program I looked at recently that has a provision for exactly this scenario. It is Symantec's Norton GoBack 4.0, which is essentially System Restore on steroids. With it you can not only restore system settings, but files, documents, and whole applications. The program tracks all changes made to the computer in a large buffer (several hundred megs to several gigs; the size is user-settable) and can roll back to any point in time on demand. The program also includes a mode called Autoback that restores the computer to a set point in time after every reboot; the program authors themselves recommend this for a publicly-accessible computer or, yes, a desktop used by multiple trainees. This way you can restore the computer automatically to a "pristine" state each time it's restarted.

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