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Need to place a shortcut on each desktop in OU

I've got an OU set up, call it Accounting, with several users in that OU. I've got the GP on the OU changed so that everyone in the OU gets locked down the same way. I have a folder located on the DC, with shortcuts to several applications (Word, in-house programs, etc). I want a shortcut to that folder placed on each desktop so that everyone has access to the same apps. It needs to be a shortcut so that if I have to modify the contents of the folder, I can do so and the changes will be made to all of the users. I hope that makes sense and I hope you can shed some light on the problem! No one else has been able to! :) Thanks!
I see what you're after, but the only help Group Policy can offer you is a redirected Start Menu. That way, you can point several users to the same (locked down) desktop, which has the same shortcuts. If YOU needed to modify the shortcuts, you'd be able to. If THEY needed to modify the shortcuts, they'd be locked down. There are 3rd party Group Policy options, which may help here. Some 3rd party tools have the ability to dictate shortcuts on users' desktops via Group Policy. Come to www.GPanswers.com and check out the Group Policy Solutions Guide for a list of 3rd party Group Policy tools.

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