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NetMeeting and DirectX application will not work at the same time

I use the following code in my application that uses DirectX to draw images. Also, I want to use NetMeeting to...

make an audio call. So, I start NetMeeting and the moment I start it, the images are lost in my application, and further on I am unable to view images. I have to restart my application.

I use the following C++ code to find the driver capability for overlay support. The last condition fails only if I start NetMeeting. Otherwise it works fine. What does NetMeeting have to do disable the driver capability for overlay? How can this be countered?

DDCAPS  capsDrv;
HRESULT ddrval;
ddrval = g_lpdd->GetCaps(∩sDrv, NULL);
if (FAILED(ddrval))
return FALSE;
if (!(capsDrv.dwCaps & DDCAPS_OVERLAY))
return FALSE;



With you trying to use DirectX and NetMeeting trying to use DirectX, something has to give. From what I understand, you can't do both at the same time.
This was last published in February 2002

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